Quality and Innovation first, since 1993

Spot Line has been manufacturing the finest lighting fixtures for the last twenty years.
Our aim has always been to produce original products of outstanding quality and competitive price
We do that in both our production lines  Italy and China offering our costumers the best service without compromise.

Our costumers can also take advantage from our know-how, as we can produce on request the exact light they wish.
Spotline has become over the years synonymous of superior quality,service and after sale assistance.
Our originality made us  also well known among our competitors that go through our ranges of products searching for inspitration
We are always one step ahead,your ideal partner to stand out in your local market.

Last but not least when you purchase a "SpotLine" product you do not only buy a lighting fixture.
Almost all our products are tested by specialized laboratories before beeing on the market and they all pass the strictest tests according with european electrical standards.